Crying Over Spilt Leche: Aspects of the Post-Melky Era

Everyone in baseball seems to agree that the San Francisco Giants dodged a big bullet when the agents representing suspended hitting star Melky Cabrera turned down the Giant's overtures for a mid-season contract extension last July. reported the Giants were poking around the 3 year $27 million range. With the mega-offensive season Cabrera was […]


The End of a Beautiful Friendship: Melky Cabrera Suspended For Positive Drug Test

San Francisco Giants left fielder Melky Cabrera was suspended for 50 games without pay today by Major League Baseball for testing positive for testosterone, a banned performance enhancing drug in baseball’s labor agreement. Cabrera apparently already appealed the ruling and issued an apology to his teammates, the Giants organization, and Giant fans saying, “I am […]

Stop the Presses! More MLB Breaking News!

BASEBALL HEADLINES FROM NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE NATION WASHINGTON NATIONALS OWNERSHIP DECIDES TO SHUT DOWN GM MIKE RIZZO FOR THE YEAR“We Feel Mike Has Pitched a Large Number of Deals for the Nationals in 2012 and We Need to Insure He Will be Rested and Ready for the 2013 Season,” Stated Nats Chief Operating Officer Andrew […]


And Now The Rest of the Giants’ 2012 Trade Deadline Story

The San Francisco Giants walked away from the 2012 non-waiver trade deadline in pretty good shape. With the extra-base power of Hunter Pence in the everyday line-up, and the solid-hitting Marco Scutaro in the infield mix, the Giants have assembled an offense that will challenge the Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks for the National League West […]


Giants Deal From Strength, Make a Big Move at the Trade Deadline

The San Francisco Giants jumpstarted their faltering offense in the final hours of the 2012 non-waiver trade deadline Tuesday, going head-to-head with the Los Angeles Dodgers in an all out MLB arms race to win the National League West. The Giants picked up right fielder Hunter Pence from the Philadelphia Phillies for Double A Richmond […]


The Marco Scutaro Deal and Understanding Sabeanese

In a smart move that will definitely help the Giants in the 2012 campaign, San Francisco traded for Colorado Rockies’ veteran infielder Marco Scutaro. Scutaro will give Manager Bruce Bochy another offensive chess piece to work with for the next two months as the team tries to increase their runs per game average. The Giants […]


The Shapeshifting National League Careens to the Trade Deadline

I have some serious decisions to make in my two MLB draft leagues. Several players, it turns out, have not performed up to draft day expectations and need to be replaced. One league is held at historic McNally’s Irish Pub in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood. The other is out of the equally historic Kingfish Pub and […]


With the MLB Trade Deadline Approaching, Anything is Possible

With eight days to go before the MLB trade deadline things are finally starting to crackle like sizzling brats on a hot grill in Milwaukee. For a while it seemed that too many teams were holding their cards tight in anticipation of the extra wild card opportunity in each League. But in the last 24 […]


The Giants Cove is ON THE AIR!

There are any number of very good MLB online shows and podcasts, but few match the combination of knowledge and passion Dave Mitchell brings to his Baseball Bloggers of America Baseball Talk show on The Giants Cove has previously been a guest on Dave’s excellent show, and we just made a second appearance on […]


The Upcoming Trade Deadline: Giant Surprises?

Tuesday July 31, 2012 at 1:00PM Pacific Standard Time is the deadline for MLB teams to make trades without going through waivers. For many teams, it will be the last best shot to make a serious run at the playoffs. For the Giants and every other MLB franchise the July deadline is not only about […]


Guest Blogger: 5 Keys for the Giants to Make the Playoffs

Note: The Giants Cove welcomes guest blogger Chris Fields, a senior writer at ChatSports provides dynamic sports content  covering the pros, college, tennis, golf and even poker. Enjoy Chris’s take on what the Giants need to do to make the 2012 MLB playoffs:  With the All Star break wrapping up, the Giants are preparing to start […]


2012 All Star Break: The Giants Take a Breath and Reboot

I believe it’s Rule #78 in the International Baseball Bloggers Rule Book that states “Baseball team bloggers shall write an assessment of their team at the annual All Star Game break”. Failure to do so could mean a costly and drawn out official hearing at the Baseball Bloggers Alliance headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The penalty […]


Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig Linked to 1975 All Star Ballot Stuffing Scheme

As the annual criticism of Major League Baseball’s All Star Game player selection swings into full gear approaching the 2012 game, it’s interesting to look back on the sometimes sullied history of player selection for the Mid-Summer Classic. For instance, I discovered that current Baseball Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig was linked to at least one […]


Three Consecutive Shutouts Put the Giants in First Place

History was made at AT&T Park today as the San Francisco Giants shut out the Los Angeles Dodgers for the third consecutive game in a row to move into a tie for first place in the NL West. Giants starter Tim Lincecum (3-8/5.60) , whose rocky 2012 season has been a concern for the team, […]

Three Things Tim Lincecum Can Do To Fix His 2012 Season

Like I would know what Tim Lincecum has to do to turn his 2012 season around and straighten out his delivery mechanics. Get real. Same goes for speculation from anyone else who has an opinion but doesn’t have a desk in Dave Righetti’s office. Dozens of apparently out of work MLB pitching coaches have been […]