The Pulse Network – Sports Buzz Interview with The Giants Cove

Check out another TPN Sports Buzz interview with Richard Dyer of The Giants Cove (hey, that’s me!). I went live at 8:00AM with Sports Buzz host Butch Stearns from the TPN studios in Boston, Massachusetts. We covered the Dodgers filing chapter 11, the image of Barry Bonds among Giants fans, and potential moves the Giants’ front office should make at the trading […]


SF Giants 2011 Mid-Season Report Card: What Worked and What Tanked

Let’s make two things clear at the start: first, Federal law mandates that every MLB blogger must publish a “halfway report” on their respective team somewhere around the All Star break. You can look it up, it’s right there in the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. So bring on the dark-suited auditors with the narrow ties, this entry puts […]


Giants Experiment With New Approach: Winning with Offense

Up until now, the heavy rocks of the Giants’ 2011 MLB season have been carried up the hill by the team’s pitchers. Sure, Manager Bruce Bochy sends players to the plate every half inning, but that’s mostly because the game is set up that way and the rules make you do it. But on Tuesday June 28th, […]

Startling New Evidence of the Existence of God

Sometimes breaking news simply takes your breath away. The news headline today from quietly read “Dodgers File For Bankruptcy After Failed TV Deal”. But in those simple words the music of the spheres began to soar, a million glowing angels danced through the heavens and I paused in awe of this nearly irrefutable argument supporting the existence […]

The Loneliness of the Eight Run First Inning

The box score for the Giants’ Tuesday June 21, 2011 interleague game at home with the Minnesota Twins doesn’t begin to tell the real story. Sure, the Twins scored eight runs in the first as Giant starter Madison Bumgarner learned what it feels like to stumble down a 50 foot rabbit hole, and both teams stuck around […]


The Kentrell Hill Interview: A Journey to the Major Leagues Begins

A map of the United States shows the distance between Ashdown, Arkansas and San Francisco, California to be 1,603 miles. A good distance, but for $230.00 United Airlines will get you from Little Rock to San Francisco in 3 hours and 35 minutes. That would be the most direct route. Kentrell Hill, the San Francisco Giants […]

The Tipping Point: 3 Things the Giants Need to Do to Take the NL West

One of the most common infobites about the 2010 Giants was their luck at keeping the starting pitching and bullpen off the disabled list. Flash forward to 2011 and, other than Barry Zito’s sprained ankle, San Francisco’s pitching staff could be featured on the cover of Healthy Pro Athletes Monthly. It’s the rest of the team that now has permanent reservations in the […]


SF Giant Picks in the 2011 First Year Player Draft

Follow the status of all SF Giants’ draft picks here Each year the dedicated experts who live and breathe Major League Baseball’s First Year Player Draft develop an overall consensus of the draft’s quality. The 2011 group were judged to be above average overall, with an excellent pitcher-centric group at the top of the pack followed […]

The Brandon Belt Chronicles: Caught By The DL Monster

The San Francisco Giants clubhouse is beginning to look like the ravaged city of Tokyo in Ishiro Honda’s classic 1954 film “Godzilla”. In this case the fearsome beast is the DL monster and it’s taking Giant players right and left, leaving a trail of empty lockers, lost opportunities, and used towels on the floor. The list of Giants down is postively […]

The Giants Cove Interview on The Pulse Network

Check out The Pulse Network’s Sports Buzz on line for great sports content from all over the country. I was recently interviewed on TPN’s Sports Buzz program about the San Francisco Giants and Buster Posey. We went live at 8:00AM– the TPN studios are in Boston, Massachusetts. Sports Buzz host Tyler Pyburn did an outstanding job and TPN is an amazingly […]

Stop The Presses! More MLB News

Baseball headlines from newspapers around the Nation:    CONVICTED FORMER SLUGGER BARRY BONDS CONTINUES GOOD WORKS TO REHABILITATE IMAGEFollows Up College Fund For Injured Fan’s Kids With Offer To Put Buster Posey’s Children Through Summer CampANGRY SF GIANTS GM BRIAN SABEAN VOWS TO HUNT DOWN MARLINS OUTFIELDER SCOTT COUSINS IN RESPONSE TO POSEY INJURYSabean In Contract Talks With Navy SEAL Team 6 – “At The […]


Major League Baseball Can Find a Solution to the Problem of Home Plate Collisions

The buzz over Buster Posey’s season-ending injuries as as result of his May 25th collision with Florida’s Scott Cousins is everywhere. Debate permeates the sports media and dominates conversations in every MLB clubhouse and in bars, living rooms and little league fields across the country. It is a subject is worthy of our attention and passion because losing a player […]

World Series Champs Face 2011 Without Buster

It’s like losing your best friend for the summer. Sure, it will still be great and you’ll do lots of cool stuff and have a good time. But it just won’t be the same. With Buster Posey’s injuries likely putting him out for the remainder of the 2011 season this is what the Giants organization, Posey’s team […]

Giants Call Up Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Chris Stewart

In the wake of the season ending injury to catcher Buster Posey and lesser injuries to two other players, the San Francisco Giants have called up rookie left fielder/first baseman Brandon Belt, shortstop Brandon Crawford, and catcher Chris Stewart. They will join the team on Thursday May 26th. Posey suffered what will likely be a […]

Giants’ Buster Posey Likely Out for the 2011 Season

The excitment of scoring four runs in the bottom of the 9th to tie the Florida Marlins in the Wednesday May 25th game disappeared instantly for the San Francisco Giants after a horrific 12th inning collision at home plate that will cost Giants catcher Buster Posey the rest of the 2011 season. With Florida leading 6-2 in the […]