Giants Trade Two Players at the 2011 Dallas Winter Meetings

In a flash the San Francisco Giants have made room in their 2012 outfield for a new center fielder and lead-off man, and traded a member of their high priced bullpen to lighten the 2012 payroll bottom line. It was announced tonight that the Giants traded righty relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez and outfielder Andres Torres to […]

Comments and Notes from the 2011 Winter Meetings in Dallas

Several notes and comments about the 2012 Baseball Winter Meetings being held Monday through Thursday this week in Dallas, Texas. As reported in MLBTradeRumors, Danny Knobler of tweeted from Dallas that the Giants are actively seeking to trade second baseman Jeff Keppinger, outfielder Andres Torres, and relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez.  Keppinger was signed to a one year deal […]

Money Talks, and Off-Season Moves May Surprise

With contract extensions completed for General Manager Brian Sabean and Manager Bruce Bochy through 2013, the San Francisco Giants’ management group is now free to fully concentrate another extension: playing baseball deep into October 2012. And that brings us to two related areas of interest: the team’s 2012 payroll budget, and what the final 2012 25-man roster might look like.  The first thing […]

San Francisco Giants Unveil 2012 Promotional Events

Major League Baseball teams around the country today unveiled their annual promotional giveaway schedules for the 2012 baseball season. Fans attending America’s grand old game next year can eagerly look forward to receiving an array of cheap foreign-made merchandise ranging from player bobbleheads (2 day average breakage rate), magnetic schedules (health alert! keep away from pregnant women and nursing […]

Giants Trade Jonathan Sanchez to KC for Melky Cabrera

In a move that was not unexpected the San Francisco Giants gave up a piece of their prized starting pitching to improve a limp offense that came in 29th out of 30 MLB teams in runs scored in 2011. The Giants sent lefty starter Jonathan Sanchez, 28, and minor league lefty Ryan Verdugo, 24, to the Kansas City Royals […]

Giants Start to Reassemble Baseball’s Best Bullpen

When baseball people speak of off season “rebuilding” it is usually in reference to a team at a complete dead end, staring off into a storm-clouded future of bleak nothingness. Kind of like how I felt while doing my taxes last year.  A team knows it’s reached the abyss when even the .500 teams briefly reanimated and smacked them around the previous […]


The Rangers-Cardinals Series Delivers the Goods

Quick– what was the best World Series in MLB history? What was the best World Series you saw on television, heard on radio, or saw in person? Not so fast compadre; one strict rule applies before you grab your 40 for $1.50 Walmart pen and start furiously writing down your all time Series match-up lists. You must eliminate any Fall Classic that […]

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The Blockbuster Trade: Someone Tell the Giants it’s Still Allowed

The history of MLB trades sometimes gives the impression that certain baseball teams are permanently hard-wired to make certain types of trades. It doesn’t matter who the current owner, general manager or manager is at any given time– there’s a DNA ribbon somewhere inside the New York Yankees, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Cleveland Indians, and the Toronto Blue Jays that compells their front offices to […]

The 2012 San Francisco Giants: Who Should Stay and Who Has to Go

The San Francisco Giants’ 2012 Opening Day line-up will reflect three critical franchise mandates: 1) payroll budgetary limitations;  2) management’s commitment to keeping the starting pitching core intact; and, 3) improving the offense. Note that “improving the offense” comes in 3rd– get used to it because that’s the way that particular dog will hunt for the next several years.Effective Major League […]


The 2012 San Francisco Giants: Reinvention or Status Quo?

Here’s the tidy tag line a lot of sports media are spouting to sum up the fall of the 2011 Giants: San Francisco’s season ended on May 26th when Buster Posey was lost for the season. After that, it was all downhill. And here’s what actually happened. The 2011 season was a mirror image of the Giants’ 2010 championship year when San Francisco stunk […]

This is What it Will Take for the Giants to Make the Playoffs

As we careen towards October, a lot has been written about the San Francisco Giants’ dramatically dwindling window to somehow qualify for the 2011 MLB playoffs. To understand exactly how far under the Porta Potty the Giants are at this moment, let’s take a quick look at the math. The Giants are 84-72 as they begin the last six […]

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San Francisco Makes A Last Minute Run for the Finish Line

There are two important things about July 27, 2011. First, the San Francisco Giants were 60-44 and led the NL West by three games; second, the Giants traded their #1 minor league prospect, Zack Wheeler, for Mets slugger Carlos Beltran in an attempt to bring an offensive upgrade to their criminally negligent run scoring. Problem was, from July 28th through September 10th the […]

Giants 2011 Freefall: Team Ownership Group Ousts Bill Neukom

Make no mistake about it. The the decision by the 32 principal partners who comprise the ownership group of the San Francisco Giants to dump managing general partner Bill Neukom registered pretty close to the 1906 earthquake on the City’s Richter scale. Not only is Neukom out as the lead guy in the ownership group, he is also […]

Giants 2011 Freefall: the Walking Wounded Become the Living Dead

The San Francisco Giants saw last weekend’s critical three game home series with the NL West leading Arizona Diamondbacks as a way to reanimate their chances of making the 2011 MLB playoffs. No doubt filmmaker George Romero would have been proud– the reanimated Giants looked remarkably similar to many of the protagonists in Romero’s classic films.          The horror of […]

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Giants 2011 Season Floats at the Edge of the Abyss

While it is foolish to announce on September 1st that the Giants’ 2011 season is over, that season is officially on life support and the Arizona Diamondbacks are reaching out to pull the plug. There are 25 games left in a season that no longer depends on the San Francisco Giants winning games; now the D’Backs must also lose […]