Giants Freeze at the 2014 Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

Three National League teams contending for either a Division title or one of two Wild Card spots traded for a second baseman in the final days and hours leading up to the 2014 non-waiver trade deadline. None of those teams were the San Francisco Giants. Just as he did at the July 2013 trading deadline, […]

SF Giants Pay Steep Price to Get Jake Peavy

There’s a point just before the annual July 31st non-waiver trade deadline when desperate teams pull the trigger on the deal that’s directly in front of them. Today’s San Francisco Giants/Boston Red Sox trade definitely has that feel to it. The Giants traded their MLB-rated #2 minor league prospect, left-handed starter Edwin Escobar, and their […]


Pressure is on the Dodgers in Weekend Series Against the Giants

I have maintained throughout the first four months of the season that the San Francisco Giants have over performed. That the total of their success does not match the sum of their parts. But so far that hasn’t stopped them from winning baseball games. The fact that the Giants’ 2014 performance has exceeded expectations is […]

Uggla Signing A Familiar Page From the Brian Sabean Playbook

When the Atlanta Braves released declining veteran second baseman Dan Uggla on July 18, 2014, it only took three days for San Francisco Giants General Manager Brian Sabean to sign Uggla to a minor league contract. When you look at Sabean’s long history of reclamation projects featuring fading veteran ball players, the real surprise here […]


In the Search for the 2014 San Francisco Giants, Look to the AL West

The search for the identity of the 2014 San Francisco Giants has been a ninety-five game exercise in futility. It may just be that it’s the struggle to find this team’s identity that best defines who they are: inconsistent, contradictory, at times winning and at times mediocre. San Francisco is a team resistant to definition, […]

Giants Have a Window to Begin Rebooting for 2015

The clock is running on the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline and inside the San Francisco Giants front office that ticking noise must sound like thunder. And well it should. The Giants have a rare opportunity, right now, not only to improve their 25 man roster on the off chance they grab a Wild Card […]

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Giants Now On Minus End of NL West and Wild Card Math

That the San Francisco Giants 2014 season has taken a major nosedive isn’t surprising. When we look back on this season, the surprising thing is that this team went 36-20 in March/April/May, and specifically had a remarkable 19-9 May. One of the strangest things we see when an MLB team over-performs in the first two […]


At the Game: Tim Lincecum Throws a Workingman’s No Hitter

A highlight of every March is a frenzied series of emails, phone calls and at least one meeting that determines an important series of events over the next six months. It’s the distribution of the San Francisco Giants season tickets my seat partner and I have had since 1989. My recollection of 1989 is that […]

Lack of Depth Haunts the Giants’ Current Tailspin

That the San Francisco Giants have hit their first serious pile of bovine pie on the 2014 season trail is not really breaking news. Good teams, bad teams, mediocre teams– all MLB teams will have nosedives and any number of consecutive losses in a given season. The keys are, how deeply is a team built […]

Three June Snapshots: 2014 Giants vs. Their Championship Seasons

With the San Francisco Giants leading the Majors in wins with 42, and with 40% of the Giants’ 2014 season in the books as of June 10th, it’s instructive to check where the franchise was at in their previous three championship seasons. After losing the 2002 World Series to the (now) LA Angels in Game […]


Numbers Adding Up For Giants to Make NL Playoffs

Baseball is a game defined by numbers created by individual and team performance. No other professional sport is as deeply measured, tracked, and deconstructed on a daily basis as Major League Baseball, because the more you know the more the game shines and gives back. With over a third of the 2014 season in the […]

Injuries Finally Find Giants (with an assist from Bochy)

In 2013 San Francisco Giants fans were happy to believe two big myths about Major League Baseball injuries. First, that a contending baseball team needs to avoid injuries in order to succeed. That’s a myth because every team, every season has to deal with player injures. Talented players going on the Disabled List isn’t an […]


Giants Stand Pat While Division Foes Improve

The San Francisco Giants are looking down from Mount NL West, surveying the territory from 1st place with 27 wins in their first 42 games this season. For the Giants front office the goal from this point on should be to make the adjustments a proactive MLB franchise would make make to stay on top […]

NL West Stories Rage Under the Media’s Nose

I get it, I really do. When the season started, the Milwaukee Brewers were the consensus pick to finish the 2014 MLB season in fourth place in the National League Central Division. Now it turns out the Brewers’ have 22 wins, tied with Colorado for the most in baseball, and they are four games ahead […]


Giants Braintrust Ponders Rearrangement of Deck Chairs

Whenever a large, extremely valuable piece of property runs full speed into a huge iceberg the first reaction of those in charge is to try and make things look better. In the case of the early season stumblings of the San Francisco Giants, a quick look around the old ship shows the best the front […]