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Reports From Under the Bus: SF Giants News, Notes & Comments

In a way I don't blame Giant fans for reacting irrationally after watching their championship team capsize and completely tank this year. Those of us who reveled in winning the 2010 and 2012 World Series are finding it hard to adjust to shuffling through bumtown in a pair of tattered orange sneakers. While the Los […]

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The San Francisco Sports Media and the Legend of RISP

The search for answers in the tragic disappearance of the San Francisco Giants' ability to win baseball games continues. Since the start of the 2013 season the local Bay Area sports media has come up with a series of theories in their attempt to explain exactly why the Gigantes' 2013 season ended faster than Lindsay […]


The Giants 2013 MLB Slapdown Tour Continues

The funniest thing I heard recently was a comment about the San Francisco Giants made by a caller on a local sports talk radio show. The question was, what to do with a 52-66 team with the 6th worst run differential in baseball (-71), 16.5 games out of first place in the NL West? The […]

Giants Choose Mediocrity, Appease Fanbase at Trade Deadline

Welcome to the new business paradigm of Major League Baseball ownership, which was proudly on full display at the 2013 trade deadline. The rules of that road are simple and easy to understand– if everything is going extremely well off the field, you really don't have to do much of anything about what's happening on […]

Stop the Presses– MLB 2013 Trade Deadline News!

Baseball trade deadline headlines from newspapers around the Nation:         PHILLIES RELEASE PITCHER CARLOS ZAMBRANO Enraged Right-Hander Goes On Rampage in Downtown Area, Tips Over Buses, Swats At Responding Police Helicopters From Atop Philly City Hall ALEX RODRIGUEZ SAYS HE’S READY TO PLAY FOR THE YANKEES AGAIN Claims His Most Recent Shipment of […]


Planning a Ball Parks Tour? Check Out Zerve

Are there any baseball fans who haven't dreamed of making a classic ballparks tour? And I'm guessing those lucky enough to have done any kind of ball yard road trip wouldn't mind planning another one. For me, going to different MLB parks is also an opportunity to get to know cities and to experience locations […]

Tim Lincecum’s No-Hitter Gives Giant Management A Rare Opportunity

When the San Francisco Giants won two games in a row last week against the struggling San Diego Padres, a glimmer of hope seemed to appear amid the ugly nightmare of the 2013 season. Then San Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum threw the 15th no-hitter in Giants franchise history Saturday against the Padres and callers […]

Four Myths About Why the Giants Have Stumbled in 2013

Make no mistake about it. There isn't a team in the National League West that believes the 2013 San Francisco Giants are toast. Or even partially broasted. That would include the three teams ahead of the tied-for-last-place 39-45 Giants in the NL West standings (Arizona, Colorado, and Los Angeles), as well as the unpredictable San […]


SF Giants June Highlights: Management Mistakes and Hark! A Wake-Up Call!

A lesser man would point out that a warning I issued in late May about Giant pitching went unheeded and is now costing the team games. The message in that warning was simple: trying to replace injured starter Ryan Vogelsong with bullpen long man Chad Gaudin would be a mistake. Such a move, a) would […]


Giants Scramble to Survive Sandoval Injury, Replace Vogelsong

This is not a drill. The San Francisco Giants are in emergency mode and the goal is not to just hold ground in the National League West, but to find some new momentum. On one side the injury to third baseman Pablo Sandoval is a huge blow to an offense that has struggled for consistency […]


The Giants Have Time to Adjust: Part 2 — Offense

Believe me, I understand. The mainstream sports media needs an angle about the 2013 San Francisco Giants, so they've made it all about the problems the Giants' starting staff has experienced in April and May. It's irresistible because these are virtually the same pitchers who led San Francisco to World Championships in 2010 and 2012. […]