Tim McCarver Challenges the Theory of Intelligent Life on Earth

The National League Championship Series is once again providing legal cover for FoxSports to bring a national audience into the strange world of announcer Tim McCarver. It’s a world where getting a walk is sometimes better than hitting a homerun, and all these new-fangled sabermetric statistics will never give you the feel of what real […]


Finally: A Reason to Really Despise the St. Louis Cardinals

Until last night I wasn’t particularly going full jihad on the St. Louis Cardinals even though they stand in the way of the San Francisco Giants making the 2012 World Series. The reasons for that are several and straightforward. First, there’s the lingering legacy of Tony La Russa around the Red Birds and I have […]

NLCS: The Giants Hit a Brick Wall Called St. Louis

Just like the Major League Baseball season is long, a seven game playoff series is also long. There is time to lose, time to regroup, and time to recover and win. But… all the evidence suggests the National League Championship Series just got shorter for the San Francisco Giants with their 6-4 loss to St. […]


NLDS: Dominance and Redemption for the Giants in Ohio

The 2012 National League Division Series between the Giants and the Reds will be remembered as one of the most exciting and super-charged MLB playoff match-ups in years. Cincinnati’s initial two game sweep at AT&T Park was answered by San Francisco at Great American Ball Park with overwhelming spirit and drive that lasted right up […]


Nightmare on Third Street: Parts I & II

To say that the two opening NLDS games between the San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds were “disastrous” wouldn’t exactly be the most accurate description of what happened to the Giants at AT&T Park this past weekend. I’m thinking that “catastrophic” presents a more precise picture of what I saw in person and on […]


NLDS: This Time Around It’s About Hitting and Scoring Runs

Comparisons between the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Championship team and the 2012 team about to take on the Reds in the NLDS are unavoidable. But they’re also instructive. Two years ago San Francisco squeaked through the back door to take the National League Western Division title on the last day of the season. Yes, […]


Why the Giants Should Want to Play the Nationals First

The San Francisco Giants know they will be facing either the Washington Nationals or the Cincinnati Reds in the upcoming 2012 National League Division Series. As though speaking in one voice, virtually every Bay Area sports commentator, broadcaster, sports talk radio host and peanut vendor has pronounced that the Giants would be much better off […]

Turns Out, Winning the NL West Was the Easy Part

A baseball season always looks so clear after the fact. How clear? In the words of Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan Jessup, “crystal”. And that rule can apply even before the season is actually over. Like, for example, the San Francisco Giants’ 2012 regular season (you didn’t really think I was going to do 650 words […]


Brandon Crawford and the Magical Quest to Hit .250

There are a number of players who will be chasing prestigious Major League Baseball records over the next ten days, and one of those players might achieve something that hasn’t been done in almost a half century. First, let’s talk pitchers. On Saturday September 22nd Washington Nationals starter Geo Gonzalez (19-8) will go for his […]


Positioning for the 2012 Playoffs: Three Things the Giants Need to Do

Now is the time for MLB teams with a shot to make the post season to make critical decisions about their starting rotations and batting line-ups. Setting up for the playoffs involves not only putting your best players in a position where they can excel, it’s also about first round match-ups with likely opponents.   […]


Barry Zito Delivers Big Time for the San Francisco Giants

In September 2010 the San Francisco Giants were in a heart-stopping race to try and catch the San Diego Padres and somehow wrestle away a first place finish in the National League West. The pitching-rich Padres spent 128 of the first 145 games of that year firmly in 1st place and it looked like the […]


The Giants Win Different on the Journey to the NL West Title

This is not the team the Giants expected to make the September charge to take the 2012 National League West title. Not even close. But it is a team succeeding in strange and unconventional ways to the extent they are now third in National League wins with 76 (behind Cincinnati with 82 and Washington with […]

Stop the Presses! More MLB Breaking News!

BASEBALL HEADLINES FROM NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE NATION NEW YORK YANKEES TRADE ROGER CLEMENS TO LA DODGERS FOR $14M“Roger Hasn’t Actually Been on the Team Since 2007,” Stated Yankee GM Brian Cashman, “But the New Dodger Ownership Insisted”NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED PITTSBURGH PIRATES WOULD FINISH ABOVE .500 IN 2012Also Predicted Bigger Raisins Would Eventually Be Used In Popular […]


The Red Sox Send a Dumpster Full of Bad Contracts to Dodger Stadium

Somewhere inside the ownership suite at Boston's famed Fenway Park it's very possible a remarkable scene took place yesterday. Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry, Chairman Tom Werner, President Larry Lucchino, and GM Ben Cherington likely raised glasses of Cristal champagne in grateful celebration of instantly erasing three of the worst contracts in the history […]

The GIants Clean House in Dodgertown: Oh It’s Really On Now

The arms race to win the 2012 war between the Giants and Dodgers just went into fifth gear: please secure your food trays to their upright positions and see if you can climb into your overhead luggage compartment. As Bette Davis once said after watching Tommy Lasorda eat his weight in clam linguine, “It’s going […]