Gratuitous and Arrogant Line-up Posturing

Few things are more unoriginal than a baseball blogger publishing his opinion about his team’s messed up batting order and making up his own. It is truly the lowest form of blog, as predictable and malodorous as what babies do in their diapers. Somehow the team manager missed the magnificent combination of players revealed to the blogger at 3 in the morning, […]


The Pulse Network’s “Sports Buzz” is on the Air

I had a chance to talk with Butch Stearns of TPN’s Sport Buzz this morning, going live at 7:30AM from Canton, Massachusetts just outside Boston. We talked a lot of Giants baseball. Check out my interview with Butch. We discussed the unprecedented number of player injuries the team has suffered, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ losing streak, the race for the […]

Clearing Up a Giant Myth About the 2011 Giants

There’s a viral theory floating in the cloudsphere about the 2011 San Francisco Giants offense. You hear it casually tossed into the sports talk radio stew, that medium where whatever is said the loudest or most frequently happily replaces thoughtful discussion and actual facts. And you can look that up. The number one myth about the 2011 Giants is […]

Giants Finish the Season with an Unbelievable Schedule… on Paper

Despite their chronically deficient offense, the crippling injuries to key players, and the surprising surge by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the San Francisco Giants have reason to believe they can take the National League West title. That case of 1998 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet the Giants ownership sent to the guy who set up the 2011 MLB schedule last […]


A Tsunami of Injuries Overwhelms 2011 Giants

Every Major League team has to deal with injuries, players taking the field hurt, the 15 and 60 day disabled lists, and player rehab programs. It’s part of the big leagues and smart franchises build from the bottom up to prepare for the inevitable player days lost each year. But nothing I have seen in my baseball lifetime […]

The Brandon Belt Chronicles: Did the Giants Wait too Long?

Give the Giants front office credit for not totally giving up on Brandon Belt this year. Especially since Brian Sabean was fighting against two very difficult factors in deciding whether to bring Belt back up: 1) Belt’s initial difficulties at the plate earlier this year; and, 2) the General Manager‘s stubborn propensity to rely on veteran players in […]


Los Dias de Perros: Why? Because it’s August

The numbers tell the tale of a baseball team, the month of August, and a domesticated pet that often chases frisbees. The San Francisco Giants are 3-8 in the month of August and have been unceremoniously escorted out of the exclusive first place club in the NL West by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even people in faraway lands know the standard […]

TPN Sports Buzz: Your Broadcast Destination for Sports News

Check out the latest two TPN Sports Buzz interviews with Richard Dyer of The Giants Cove. According to a survey taken yesterday of likely voters in a trailer park near Whitefish, Montana, “Dyer is an incredible guest who is not afraid to share his enormous wealth of great baseball knowledge.” Then gunfire broke out. On Friday July 22, 2011 […]

samuel ljackson

Arizona D’Backs Bushwack the Faltering Giants

Samuel L. Jackson said it best in his 2006 film “Snakes on a Plane”: “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf–ing Snakes in this motherf–ing Western Division!” I’m having teeshirts and formal wear printed with these amazingly prophetic words because it appears the Arizona Diamondbacks have officially challenged the San Francisco Giants in […]

SF Giants Trade Outfield Prospect For Veteran Shortstop

The San Francisco Giants have traded minor league outfield prospect Thomas Neal to the Cleveland Indians for thirty-six year old shortstop Orlando Cabrera. This is a deal that perfectly illustrates an ongoing addiction to the safety of mediocrity that occasionally overcomes General Manager Brian Sabean and the Giants’ front office. What we have here is yet […]

Giants Get Carlos Beltran from the NY Mets

The San Francisco Giants have acquired slugging outfielder Carlos Beltran from the New York Mets. The deal marks the Giants’ biggest offensive addition to the team since the 1993-2007 Barry Bonds era. To get Beltran the Giants sent top tier minor league pitcher Zack Wheeler to the Mets; Wheeler is considered one of the best prospects in San Francisco’s minor […]

The Zen of the MLB Trade Deadline

The wise philosopher will choose to wear the tools of ignorance. No one wore them better than Yankee guru Yogi Berra, who might have said the following about Major League Baseball’s annual July 31st trade deadline: “You can’t cross the same general manager twice”.  Usually true unless it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates general manager, in which case he’s feeling […]


Stop the Presses — Breaking MLB News!

Baseball headlines from newspapers around the Nation:    PRESIDENT PUTS NATION ON YELLOW ALERT AS PIRATES MOVE CLOSER TO 1ST PLACE IN NL CENTRAL "This will make Katrina look like a walk in the park," Warns Former President George Bush PITTSBURGH PIRATES' UNEXPECTED SURGE ABOVE .500 CREATES GLOBAL CHAOS World's Largest Media Conglomerate Crumbling in Crisis, United […]

Giants Call Up Brandon Belt, Pick Up Jeff Keppinger from the Houston Astros

The San Francisco Giants made two big roster moves today when they called up rookie Brandon Belt from Triple A Fresno and traded two minor league pitchers for Houston Astros second baseman Jeff Keppinger. The moves start to provide a blueprint for the direction General Manager Brian Sabean is taking the World Champion Giants as they look […]


The Giants Make a Statement About the Second Half of the 2011 Season

As the sun was busy setting over the Pacific Ocean beyond the golden shores of San Diego in the early evening of Sunday July 17th, the San Francisco Giants were winging north in preparation for a six game homestand with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers.  The Giants had just put the Padres down in three of […]