The 2014 National League West Deconstructed (Some Assembly Required)

What a difference an off-season can make. In 2013 the San Francisco Giants were picked to win the National West title with maybe a little push from the Dodgers and Arizona. Colorado and San Diego were projected to sit at the little kids table. The history books now tell us that the Giants finished in […]


Tales of the LA Dodgers and Their Free-Spending Owners

In the world of Major League Baseball franchise ownership, here’s what doesn’t matter. Owners being excessively wealthy, or being a lot richer than the owners of other Major League Baseball teams. The commonly repeated myth goes something like this: “rich” baseball owners are able to write endless checks at their whim to secure multi-year deals […]

Wild Battles for the Wild Cards Highlight the National League in 2014

As we get closer to Opening Day 2014 the number one mainstream story developing about the National League will start to get very familiar very quickly. Certainly many strange things can happen over a 162 game season but that fact will not stop the usual slew of wiseacre know-it-alls from making their tedious predictions and […]


SF Giants Elect to Spend Good Will, Save Money

MLB teams with either long-term or recent championship success have two distinct directions to take their franchises in the off-season. They can build on their success by aggressively analyzing and re-purposing their team to for continued success, or they can sit back and spend the capital they earned as former champions. When the Yankees signed […]

Two MLB Headlines, Two Teams Headed in Opposite Directions

Report: Dodgers will 'go all-out' to sign Masahiro Tanaka Tanaka is 99-35 in his seven year career in the Japan Leagues, 34-4 the past two seasons. He is 25 years old. Wherever Tanaka finally ends up he will adjust to the big leagues, and then begin to be a top of the rotation starting pitcher.  […]



Baseball Off-season Headlines from Newspapers Around the Nation:         KIM JONG UN MAKES UNEXPECTED HALL OF FAME BALLOT ARGUMENT FOR SEAN CASEY North Korean Leader Points to Casey’s 99 RBI Year in 2004, 1 Triple Hit Between 2005 and 2008: “I Intend Dog the Commissioner on This Matter. Literally”, Stated Un in a […]

Mobius strip

The Major League Baseball Line-up Redesigned: The Mobius Strip Theory

In 2010 I devised and introduced the Mobius Strip Theory for MLB hitting line-ups, which presented a radical alternative to baseball’s traditional batting order template. The Mobius Theory generated a lot of discussion and opinion. As the game evolves and the value of individual performance is better defined, the theory may appear more logical (but […]


Case Solved: Why the Giants’ Matt Cain Went 8-10 in 2013

In discussing Major League Baseball’s most relevant statistics, whether it’s individual player records, player performance, or team results there’s still a big institutional gap between traditional measuring sticks and advanced concepts. Baseball’s new metrics haven’t been “new” for at least twenty years. but the mainstream sports media and much of the MLB establishment continue to […]

Michael Morse and the Obsessive World of SF Giants GM Brian Sabean

The San Francisco Giants signing of free agent Michael Morse at the 2013 Winter Meetings this past week is part of a very familar pattern for the team and for General Manager Brian Sabean. The world of the corporate foil lies between obsequiousness and obsession. And so Brian Sabean has careened between adhering to the […]


Vogelsong Signing Provides Troubling Clue to Giants Plan for 2014

It's not just that the San Francisco Giants re-signed fading starter Ryan Vogelsong. It's that General Manager Brian Sabean made it clear to the reporters who follow the Giants that the Vogelsong signing rounds out the 2014 starting rotation. If that's true, the Giants will again be competing with the San Diego Padres to determine […]

The Giants’ 2013 Hot Stove Can Still Sizzle

Sometimes I need a reminder that the San Francisco Giants haven't quite finished their retooling project on the 2013 team that finished 16 games out of first place in the NL West. We're only at the 1/3 mark of the prime free agent signing and trade making months of November, December, and January and the […]


SF Giants On a Spending Spree? Not So Far

Tucked away deep inside the steel-crossed superstructure of AT&T Park there is, I imagine, an elite Owners Club Room. It’s very plush with big leather chairs, a long leather bar, leather napkins, and… well let’s just say there’s a lot of leather. Inside that room earlier this week San Francisco Giants upper management must have […]

Giants Sign Tim Hudson: The Price is Right, What About the Arm?

Former Atlanta Braves starter Tim Hudson will be in the San Francisco Giants starting rotation in 2014 and 2015. The thirty-eight year old veteran just signed a two-year $23 million contract with the Giants, and it's a very good financial deal for San Francisco. It also helps GM Brian Sabean, who is in the middle […]


Giants Arrive at Tipping Point for 2014 and Beyond

The next several months are critical for the future of the San Francisco Giants. The moves the Giants' front office makes between now and Spring Training aren't simply about the 2014 season. This is about 2015 and 2016 and beyond. The real question here is: does this franchise continue to do what it's done in […]

Mistakes at the Top Highlight the 2013 Postseason

Postseason baseball can be harsh for players, managers, umpires, and TV broadcasters. Every play, every decision and every comment is seen on network TV, then replayed, and then analyzed in further detail on sports media throughout the country. Now that Boston is the World Series champs, we can point out that throughout the 2013 Major […]