Five Brilliant Takeaways From World Series Game 2

Actually I have a dozen brilliant takeaways from the Kansas City Royals 7-2 victory over the San Francisco Giants to conclude the first round of the 2014 World Series. But space considerations (and not wanting to be responsible for people dozing off and damaging their laptops) forces me to keep things focused and tight. For […]

Kansas City Royals and SF Giants Meet in a Clash of Cultures

The 2014 World Series is being painted as a clash between two very different baseball clubs, but not for the right reasons. This has been a tiresome storyline that practically writes itself (and is doing so over and over again). Here’s the party line: what we have is the veteran San Francisco Giants and their […]


Giants and Cardinals Turn NLCS Into Five Game Grudge Match

After splitting the first two National League Championship games in St. Louis the Giants and Cardinals will get busy with three at AT&T Park and potentially two additional contests at Busch Stadium. This series has been a battle of home runs (Cards) versus starting pitching (Gigantes), but that will change over the next three days. […]

SF Giants: This Team Has Bonded, But There’s No Magic Here

The San Francisco Giants are now a team unified and driven. They won the Wild Card playoff against the Pittsburgh Pirates (a better team), and they’ve taken the first two in the five game NLDS series against the Washington Nationals (a much better team). And I know the following logic, and I don’t disagree with […]

NL Wild Card Game Could Be Sandoval’s Last

Let’s make a couple of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal margaritas and take a close look at several logical end-of-the-season givens. The first given is that Los Angeles Dodgers will hold off the San Francisco Giants and take the National League West title. A logical second given is the Giants will continue their semi-superglue hold on […]


Dodgers and Giants Meet to Address Crunch Time

The cliche from virtually all of the local baseball sports media this week is a variation on the following: This is is the way it should be– the Giants and Dodgers going head-to-head in mid-September with the National League West Division title on the line. What, everyone is asking each other mindlessly, could be better? […]


Finally Beating the Best Sets Up San Francisco’s September Run

Over the past two+ weeks the San Francisco Giants have gone 7-4 against the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Colorado Rockies. The Cubs have been rebuilding since 1909, and a number of Philadelphia players have recently qualified to receive Social Security benefits. The disintegrating-before-your-eyes Rockies are a team playing with four of their top hitters […]

San Francisco Will Finish August with Talented Rookies and Retread Fill-ins

The San Francisco Giants will finish this critical month of August playing twelve games: six against quality teams (3 each with the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers) and six against sub-.500 teams (2 against the Cubs and 4 with the Colorado Rockies). With the Dodgers three games ahead in the NL West Division and Atlanta […]

Giants Freeze at the 2014 Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

Three National League teams contending for either a Division title or one of two Wild Card spots traded for a second baseman in the final days and hours leading up to the 2014 non-waiver trade deadline. None of those teams were the San Francisco Giants. Just as he did at the July 2013 trading deadline, […]

SF Giants Pay Steep Price to Get Jake Peavy

There’s a point just before the annual July 31st non-waiver trade deadline when desperate teams pull the trigger on the deal that’s directly in front of them. Today’s San Francisco Giants/Boston Red Sox trade definitely has that feel to it. The Giants traded their MLB-rated #2 minor league prospect, left-handed starter Edwin Escobar, and their […]


Pressure is on the Dodgers in Weekend Series Against the Giants

I have maintained throughout the first four months of the season that the San Francisco Giants have over performed. That the total of their success does not match the sum of their parts. But so far that hasn’t stopped them from winning baseball games. The fact that the Giants’ 2014 performance has exceeded expectations is […]

Uggla Signing A Familiar Page From the Brian Sabean Playbook

When the Atlanta Braves released declining veteran second baseman Dan Uggla on July 18, 2014, it only took three days for San Francisco Giants General Manager Brian Sabean to sign Uggla to a minor league contract. When you look at Sabean’s long history of reclamation projects featuring fading veteran ball players, the real surprise here […]


In the Search for the 2014 San Francisco Giants, Look to the AL West

The search for the identity of the 2014 San Francisco Giants has been a ninety-five game exercise in futility. It may just be that it’s the struggle to find this team’s identity that best defines who they are: inconsistent, contradictory, at times winning and at times mediocre. San Francisco is a team resistant to definition, […]

Giants Have a Window to Begin Rebooting for 2015

The clock is running on the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline and inside the San Francisco Giants front office that ticking noise must sound like thunder. And well it should. The Giants have a rare opportunity, right now, not only to improve their 25 man roster on the off chance they grab a Wild Card […]