Giants Sign Tim Hudson: The Price is Right, What About the Arm?

Former Atlanta Braves starter Tim Hudson will be in the San Francisco Giants starting rotation in 2014 and 2015. The thirty-eight year old veteran just signed a two-year $23 million contract with the Giants, and it's a very good financial deal for San Francisco. It also helps GM Brian Sabean, who is in the middle […]


Giants Arrive at Tipping Point for 2014 and Beyond

The next several months are critical for the future of the San Francisco Giants. The moves the Giants' front office makes between now and Spring Training aren't simply about the 2014 season. This is about 2015 and 2016 and beyond. The real question here is: does this franchise continue to do what it's done in […]

Mistakes at the Top Highlight the 2013 Postseason

Postseason baseball can be harsh for players, managers, umpires, and TV broadcasters. Every play, every decision and every comment is seen on network TV, then replayed, and then analyzed in further detail on sports media throughout the country. Now that Boston is the World Series champs, we can point out that throughout the 2013 Major […]


The Giants’ Plan So Far: Bring Back the 2013 Losing Team

At some point the San Francisco Giants front office and ownership group must have had a major organizational debriefing meeting to deconstruct and analyze the 2013 season. Maybe a two or three day confab in a secluded conference center to spend hours assessing what happened between the 2012 World Series Championship and finishing 16 games […]


Problem Solved: Meet the Next Commissioner of Baseball

The United States is on a problem-solving roll, but who knows how long that will last. If we move quickly there’s probably just enough time to settle the next big issue facing humanity before Congress shoves another stick of dynamite up its collective rear end and threatens to light the fuse. Again. So let’s the […]


Passing Thoughts and Random Notes on the 2013 Post Season– So Far.

Free of the constricting and demanding responsibilities of following and attending the San Francisco Giants in the 2013 playoffs, I finally had a chance to look around and smell the rosin. (To me, it smells like Emilia Clarke's underwear drawer. Or what I imagine that might be.) Anyway… where was I? Oh yeah, the Major […]

Why Giants Fans Should Root for the Dodgers in the 2013 Postseason

What? Are you kidding me? Are you actually asking San Francisco Giant fans to cheer for the Los Angeles Dodgers throughout the 2013 MLB playoffs? Tell us your medication has run out or maybe you're overdoing it with a great new Mezcal. And that none of this is true. Cheering for the Dodgers goes against […]


Is Hunter Pence the New Aaron Rowand, and Other Interesting Possibilities

As the San Francisco Giants start to pick through the multi-vehicle car wreck that was their 2013 Major League season, questions start to pop up. A lot of questions. Like, what exactly is the Giants front office's plan going forward? (Quickly followed by crossed fingers and toes that the team's brain trust is actually developing […]


The Giants Face a Big Challenge: How to Become Relevant in 2014

This is the week that the San Francisco Giants were eliminated from the 2013 race for the National League West title. Soon they will also be eliminated from the NL Wild Card chase– both the Giants and the New York Mets were recently 17 games out in the NL Wild Card standings. Hangin' out with […]


Living on the Edge of “Just About There”

While exploring what the 2014 season might bring for the San Francisco Giants a couple of distracting questions keep popping up.    Exactly when did the Giants organization establish permanent residency at a place called "just about there" when it comes to their low-rated minor league system? And when did the media and fans start […]

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Reports From Under the Bus: SF Giants News, Notes & Comments

In a way I don't blame Giant fans for reacting irrationally after watching their championship team capsize and completely tank this year. Those of us who reveled in winning the 2010 and 2012 World Series are finding it hard to adjust to shuffling through bumtown in a pair of tattered orange sneakers. While the Los […]

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The San Francisco Sports Media and the Legend of RISP

The search for answers in the tragic disappearance of the San Francisco Giants' ability to win baseball games continues. Since the start of the 2013 season the local Bay Area sports media has come up with a series of theories in their attempt to explain exactly why the Gigantes' 2013 season ended faster than Lindsay […]


The Giants 2013 MLB Slapdown Tour Continues

The funniest thing I heard recently was a comment about the San Francisco Giants made by a caller on a local sports talk radio show. The question was, what to do with a 52-66 team with the 6th worst run differential in baseball (-71), 16.5 games out of first place in the NL West? The […]

Giants Choose Mediocrity, Appease Fanbase at Trade Deadline

Welcome to the new business paradigm of Major League Baseball ownership, which was proudly on full display at the 2013 trade deadline. The rules of that road are simple and easy to understand– if everything is going extremely well off the field, you really don't have to do much of anything about what's happening on […]