World Champion Giants Open Their 2015 Home Slate With Tickets Averaging $165

The reigning World Series Champion San Francisco Giants began their 2015 MLB campaign on a positive note. The first series of the season came against the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks, as the Giants were victorious in the first and third game of a three-game trip to Chase Field. Following their stand in Arizona, San Francisco […]


Instate Series Between Giants and Padres Sees Ticket Prices Averaging $70+

The San Francisco Giants couldn’t help but let some of the drama from their 2014 World Series title leak into the new season. After taking down the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1 in their opening series of the year, the Giants embarked on a four-game journey in San Diego against the division rival Padres. If game one […]

The Handy NL Pocket Guide to the 2015 MLB Season

First let’s put a framework on the complex thought processes brought to bear here. I’m about to say some things about the 2015 Major League season which might create teeth-grinding disagreement and physically debilitating contention. But, as Mary Shelley once said, “That’s just the nature of the beast.” So I want to start off with […]


SF Giants “Playing Pepper” 2015

The esteemed Daniel Shoptaw wears a number of hats, all of them St. Louis Cardinals red. Daniel is the creator and managing author of C70 At the Bat, a fantastic St. Louis Cardinals blog. And he is also part of the Cardinals Conclave, a group of like-minded bloggers who talk Cardinals baseball and much more, […]

Question: Do Spring Training Records Matter? Well… Yes and No

The true meaning of pre-season baseball in Florida and Arizona is difficult to assess. It’s kind of like trying to figure out if Nicolas Cage’s next film is going to be bad, or historically bad. The short answer is that MLB Spring Training games and their results matter a great deal on some levels and […]


Giants Title Defense Starts in Phoenix With Just $14 Tickets

The San Francisco Giants have turned into a bit of a dynasty. With three World Series titles since 2010, the Giants are one of the top powerhouse teams in all of baseball and could very well contend for yet another title in 2015. Not bad for a team that hadn’t won it all since 1954, […]

Three Emerging Teams Could Rock the National League in 2015

Three National League teams made bold moves to climb up the MLB food chain this off-season, and it will be fascinating to see if any of them will be seated at baseball’s postseason buffet in mid-October. The Miami Marlins, the San Diego Padres, and the Chicago Cubs spent money and prospects to retool, to add […]


Pence Injury Pushes Giants Farther Back in the 2015 Pack

Looking at many of the recent 2015 top team projections and power rankings from MLB writers and analysts, it’s striking (and surprising) how many of them put the Giants tantalizingly close to actually contending. FanGraphs listed the Giants as the 16th best MLB team for 2015 (but there were a number of teams tied on […]

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New Baseball Commissioner Implements Bold Rule Changes in 2015 to Speed Up the Game

 “These changes represent our efforts to streamline the game and hopefully increase overall baseball revenues for our owners from $9 billion in 2014 to at least eleventy billion this year,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a candid statement. Recently sworn in Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has proposed six new rule changes for Major League […]


Better Sit Down: A Brief Study of the Business of Giants Baseball

So far in 2015, the San Francisco Giants are following their 2014 payroll blueprint. Sign low-end, inexpensive marginal players, then cross your fingers and hope something accidentally happens. And why not? Last season, San Francisco squeaked into the postseason as the #10 team out of ten qualifiers, then proceeded to move through three playoff levels […] MLB Foundation

Six Middle of the Grid AL Moves that Could Play Big in 2015

As I wrote in the National League installment of this subject, there are no secret moves or below the radar player pick-ups in Major League Baseball any more. The media swarm is such that if the fifth starter in Double A Flushbucket, Louisiana throws a no-hitter we’re all going to know about it. So while […]


Cut-Rate Replacements At Third Base and Left Field Save Giants Millions

With the signing of former Kansas City Royals outfielder free agent Nori Aoki, the San Francisco Giants have now answered two of their top off-season questions: who will replace Pablo Sandoval at third base and who takes over in left field for Michael Morse? Morse and Sandoval were both offered more money to stay in […] MLB Foundation

Six Middle of the Grid NL Moves that Could Play Big in 2015

There are no “under the radar” moves made in Major League Baseball any more. A swap of back-up catchers between the Cubs and Blue Jays fifteen or twenty years ago might have gone unnoticed to anyone except rabid Chicago and Toronto fans. Today, let a class A fourth outfielder stub his toe coming into the […]