Giants Spent Big on Pitching But Hitters are Leading the Way

There was much excitement over the winter when, for the first time in over a decade, the San Francisco Giants spent serious money in the free agent market. (I have always set my “serious money” alarm clock to go off at $220 million.) Specifically the addition of Johnny Cueto for six years at $130 million […]

SF Giants: Trying to Find a Substitute for Baseball

Being a thoughtful and analytical San Francisco Giants fan is not a welcoming avocation. It’s kind of like being that guy out in the desert in a 1950s sci-fi movie who is the first one to see the giant 40 foot ants. The first act of those movies is all about the authorities trying to […]

NL West teams

Early Dispatches from the War in the NL West

During Spring Training last March it became clear that the 2016 National League West race would be a tough grudge match between a group of geared-up franchises on the hunt to win right now. How clear? “Crystal”. The San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks together spent north of $626 million on free agents and player […]

SF Giants Bloggers Play Some Pepper

You can’t stop St. Louis Cardinals’ blogger Daniel Shoptaw. You can only hope to out-write him. Every March a group of SF Giants bloggers are invited to participate in Daniel’s Spring Training feature, “Playing Pepper”. It’s the blogalistic crucible Daniel puts every MLB team through– at the hands of that team’s own bloggers. All this […]


SF Giants 2016: Infield and Pitching a Strength, Lack of Depth a Difference-Maker

For San Francisco Giants fans the recent off-season has been gratifying. Ownership finally tapped into its enormous financial reservoirs and streams and actually spent real money for the first time in almost 15 years. The $251 million paid for free agent pitchers Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and outfielder Denard Span brings new life to what […]

The Dodgers Have the Legs to Go Long in 2016

There’s no doubt the Chicago Cubs are a franchise in ascension. Multiple levels of organizational excellence are matching nicely with recent success on the field, and their 40 man roster is what emerging dynasties look like. The combination of a smart front office in President Theo Epstein and Vice President Jed Hoyer, along with baseball’s […]

St. Louis Still in the NL Food Chain with the Nationals and Dodgers

Pity the poor St. Louis Cardinals who seem to have been left at the Central Division station by the Cubs/Pirates bullet train. Oh sure, this is a franchise that has charged into into the National League post-season an amazing 12 times in the past 16 years, making the World Series four times and winning it […]

2016 MLB Season: Don’t Ignore These Three Potent NL Teams

In the mad rush to book passage on the supersonic rockets that are the Chicago Cubs, the New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates it might be smart for those passengers to pause for a few seconds and check out that strange rumbling noise behind them. That sound would be the potential thunder of three […]


Why the Giants’ 2016 Season Looks a Lot like 2002

Following the 2001 baseball season the San Francisco Giants faced a challenging problem: how to retool a 25 man roster that had a solid core of talented players but still lacked a number of critical pieces. That Giants team also had a recent history of success, making the post season twice in the previous five […]

WinterMeetings 2015

Dodgers Dodge a Big Contract While the Giants are Shutout (Again)

The offseason word from the Los Angeles Dodgers front office was that the team’s MLB-biggest payroll would get smaller and, going forward, non-stop free agent mega-deals would not be on the radar screen. In post-October interviews, Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten,  President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman, and General Manager Farhan Zaidi were all […]

Dusty Baker, Inept Owners, and the Goblet of Metrics

The Washington Nationals have the best starting pitching in the National League. Still. And by far the League’s most valuable player in outfielder Bryce Harper. According to several rating systems (Baseball America, ESPN), the Nats have anywhere from the 9th best farm system to the 15th best farm system in the Majors. And they have […]

As the Baseball World Speeds By, Will the Giants Catch Up?

Major League Baseball’s 2015 post season has been one of the most exciting and well-played in years. And it’s not only about great pitching, home runs, sparkling defense and innovative moves by managers. There is a special kind of excitement seeing wildly talented young players not only make big league rosters, but then immediately get […]


On the Autopsy Table: The Giants 2015 Season

Despite the bloviating bullying of several San Francisco sports writers and sport-talk hosts, we are going to do the unthinkable and critically evaluate how the San Francisco Giants organization did in the 2015 season. Call it that odd moment when Giant fans are asked to put down their Tim Lincecum bobbleheads for a moment, to […]