Hey It’s Me! The Best Giants Fan in the History of Mankind!

"Welcome back to GiantsTalk on KOMG, the Bay Area's All Sports Leader– we know sports so you don't have to. "I'm your host Denny Stone and we talk San Francisco Giants 8 hours a night every Monday through Friday from 7:30PM to 3:30AM in the morning on sports talk KOMG. "Let's take our first call […]


Major League Baseball Continues Play Catch-Up with New Technology

Since John Hodgeman of "The Daily Show" apparently doesn't have the time to fix Major League Baseball's myriad problems and controversial issues, I supposed I'll have to step in and get it done. Contrary to what you may imagine, I'm pretty busy myself. I could list all the stuff I have to deal with on […]

Andres Torres Signing Slams the Brakes on the Giants’ 2013 Offense

Let me write two things on the blackboard before class starts. That way we might avoid the inevitable grumbling, spitwad throwing, and angry mob forming so often associated with Giant fans whenever a San Francisco player is criticized.* First, newly signed and former San Francisco Giants outfielder Andres Torres is known as a dedicated athlete, […]


Arizona and KC Trades Earn 2012 MLB FUBAR Awards

Even during the craziest of Major League Baseball's annual off-season free agent grab and trading frenzy it is rare to see a team trade a young potential superstar to another organization. For any reason.  Astoundingly, this year we've just seen it happen twice in two days. On December 9th the Kansas City Royals dealt the […]


Giants Go “3 for 3” with Marco Scutaro Signing

The San Francisco Giants locked up the remaining big piece of their 2012 Championship team by signing second baseman Marco Scutaro to a three year $20 million deal. Scutaro joins two other free agents, center fielder Angel Pagan (four years $40m) and relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt (three years $18m), in re-signing with the team they […]


Giants Sign Angel Pagan to Fill Critical Role in 2013 and Beyond

The San Francisco Giants took a huge step in solidifying their 2013 team by signing center field free agent Angel Pagan to a four year $40 million deal. Pagan was a team leader and an effective lead-off hitter in the Giants' drive to win the 2012 World Series. No doubt General Manager Brian Sabean paid […]


Blogger Confidential: When the Tools of Ignorance Go Down

A funny thing happened on the way to my next blog: my beloved Dell Studio 1558 laptop lost its brakes, careened out of control and punched through several cloud storage containers before finally smashing into a virtual stone wall. No lives were lost but all of a sudden I couldn't write, feed myself, or get dressed. I […]


Giants 2012 World Championship: A Special Parade Up Market Street

A million plus Giants fans came out on a beautiful Fall day lining San Francisco's downtown streets to cheer and celebrate their World Series Champions with a grand parade. Again. In 2010 the team's World Series victory parade was this strange and shiny new toy that took our breath away and was non-stop exciting in […]

Giants 2012 World Championship: Notes, Observations, and Snarky Comments

The San Francisco Giants created the postseason of a lifetime in 2012. We know that because just when one unbelievable scenario after another is described, up pop three fantastic stories that go with each scenario and simply must be told. How rare is it for an MLB team to make the World Series? How about […]

Giants 2012 World Championship: Baseball Served Hot and Fresh

There’s a great deal to process in understanding the scope and immensity of the San Francisco Giants sweep of the Detroit Tigers to become the 2012 World Champions. It’s not just the records broken or tied, the dominance over three quality MLB teams, or the Giants’ impossible postseason journey. This is also about something that […]


WS Game 1: Baseball Experts, Verlander Crushed by Giants

Just about everyone knew this was not supposed to happen. Superstar media baseball talking heads and various pompous MLB prognosticators agreed they pretty much had World Series Game 1 figured out and, frankly, it was time to talk about other things. It was simple. The overpowering Detroit Tigers led by Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera […]


Singin In the Rain: the Giants Win the NL Pennant in a Wash

In this version of Gene Kelly's classic film it was forty thousand Giant fans who were splashing in the puddles along King Street in delirious love with their National League Pennant-winning Giants. It was pouring rain and it didn't matter. In fact, for those of us in the stands who had just watched the San […]


NLCS Game 6: The Giants Must Reinvent their Zombie Offense

There’s a bunch of great stories waiting to be created, experienced, and written about if the San Francisco Giants can recaffinate their bats for today’s NLCS Game 6. First there’s the prospect of the ultimate baseball postseason dream: playing a deciding game seven in a seven game series. Few sports moments have more potential for […]


The Tao Of Tim Lincecum Verses the Offense of St. Louis

There are actually damn few truly defining moments in life, in sports, or in politics. Certainly interesting stuff happens all the time and a lot of it is important, but “defining”? To quote the venerable John Wayne, “Not hardly.” Though even I have to admit that sometimes the cow-dropping media hype we are hosed down […]