“Top of the World, Cody…” NLDS Game 4

There can’t be a better image of the 2010 National League Division Series and the triumph of the San Francisco Giants than sidebar character actor Cody Ross being mobbed by his teammates as he raised his arms in victory. Because how Ross got there is the pure essence of American baseball. A kid walks up […]

San Francisco and the Miracle of Turner’s Bluff in Game 3 of the NLDS

Seasoned fans of any Major League Baseball team have been there before. It’s a statistical rarity that might happen to a team maybe once every two or three baseball seasons, and you’re damn lucky if you were accidently at that game, watched it live on TV or happened to be listening to the radio that day. After a tight pitchers’ […]


SF Giants NLDS Game 2: Everything Old is New Again

Prior to the start of Game 2 of the Division Series between the Giants and the Atlanta Braves last night, San Francisco’s saucy PA announcer Renel Brooks-Moon did her usual great job of welcoming the crowd and making introductions. In retrospect, it may have been more appropriate to have a grainy video of “Twilight Zone” icon Rod Serling do the honors from […]


Tim Lincecum Throws Historic Shutout Against Braves In LDS Game 1

In the first post season start of his young Major League career, Tim Lincecum demonstrated the ultimate measure of a great pitching performance. Turns out it’s not the just the ability to churn out 102 mile-per-hour fastballs, or consistently toss a 12 to 6 curveball, or even winning twenty games with the latest high-priced New […]

Barry Zito Exiled to an Expensive Elba

Let’s understand several things about the San Francisco Giants and starter Barry Zito. Whether Zito deserved to be part of the San Francisco Giants twenty-five man roster in the upcoming National League Division Series is, ultimately, not the point. And to be clear, Zito’s desultory final start last Saturday against the San Diego Padres, during which he walked […]


Problem Solved: SF Giants 25 Man Play-off Roster

There’s a lot I do in this world. I routinely have a great deal of ground to cover, and a large number of tasks to complete on any given day. Great men seek my counsel, beautiful women want to be with me, small children are comforted by my very presence. Somehow, problems seem to find me […]

Switch in Mets Philosophy: Team to Explore the Possibility of Front Office Competency

The New York Mets have fired General Manager Omar Minaya and Manager Jerry Manuel, ushering in the team’s radically new managerial philosophy. “We’ve decided to test the competency waters to see if that’s a good fit for us,” Mets owner Fred Wilpon cautiously stated to a group of reporters Monday.  In announcing the firings, team executives also […]

Giants Eliminate the Padres, Take National League West Title

In the end, San Francisco Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez and five relievers shutout the San Diego Padres 3-0 at home to clinch the National League West. Sanchez got the win, closer Brian Wilson tied the franchise record with his 48th save, and Buster Posey hit a home run in his last at bat of the season. But the Giants […]


Emotions Run High At the Edge of Baseball History

The morning after the Giants lost the first game of the deciding three game weekend series with the San Diego Padres, the Giants clubhouse was anything but quiet or uptight. Reports were that Aubrey Huff was touring the locker room in his signature red thong to the driving sounds of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin Alive”. This team is […]

So Many Special Announcements, So Little Time

Live Blog Alert!The Giants Cove will be conducting a live game blog today at 12:30PM PST, featuring the San Francisco Giants (not surprising) and the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have not done this before, so there’s always a possibility of interruptions (a friend comes by with some messy pork ribs and a 2008 Clos Des Ambres Meursault), or […]

And to Think That It Happened At Coors Field

For the first time during the Giants’ amazing 2010 season, I actually enthusiastically anticipated and welcomed outfielder Aaron Rowand being brought into a ballgame. It was a singular moment, and I checked my pulse to make sure I hadn’t died and turned into a zombie. A baseball zombie who roams the earth with an irrational desire to see Aaron Rowand […]

The San Francisco Giants on a Wild Ride to the Playoffs

In a media interview shortly after the Giants’ 1-0 win against the Cubs on Tuesday, to start a three game set in Chicago, twenty-three year old rookie catcher Buster Posey corrected the post-game television reporter on a critical point. When asked about the importance of winning the first game of a series, Posey looked at […]


The San Francisco Giants Take First Place in the West By Force

When it finally happened, when after a long, tough 2010 season the Giants finally clawed and fought their way into first place in the National League West, there was a brief clubhouse celebration. Then it was back to business. The beach had been taken, now it was time to move inland and secure the objectives […]

Loss of CF Torres Provides An Opportunity for 2011 Auditions

If anyone doubts that Giants lead-off batter and center fielder Andres Torres’ recent season-ending inflamed appendix might also be season-ending for the San Francisco Giants, they should consider Manager Bruce Bochy’s reaction. Bochy is a man who lives with veteran players and would prefer to die with veteran players. Just last Christmas, he wrote to the North Pole […]