The Cosmic Nothingness Between October and February

We are adrift in that troubling time between the last out of the last inning of the World Series and the first tentative Spring Training tosses between some raw rookie pitcher and the second string catcher. The tragically baseball-afflicted might measure this dark interlude in months or days, but there is no doubting its physical make-up: a […]

A Monster is Loose in the American League: the 2011 Red Sox Line-up

When the Boston Red Sox signed free agent outfielder Carl Crawford to a seven year $142 million contract at the Baseball Winter meetings in Florida this week, it capped a series of off-season moves that could trigger a historic year of offense for the Red Sox. The additions of Crawford and former Padres slugger Adrian Gonzalez are the final […]

The Giants Enjoy a Well Deserved Winter of Much Content

The weather outside may be frightful, but the fire inside the San Francisco Giants organization remains delightful. The unspeakable high of dismantling three of the best teams in baseball– the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Texas Rangers– en route to capturing the 2010 World Series surrounds this team like a warm glow as they go about fine tuning […]

The Giants Solve their Shortstop Problem for 2011

The San Francisco Giants continued a longstanding tradition of reserving the shortstop position in their infield for men of a certain age by signing 36 year old Miguel Tejada to a one year contract at $6.5 million. Tejada, who knocked in 150 RBI in 2004 for the Baltimore Orioles, now becomes the starting shortstop for the Giants as they […]

Brian Sabean Gives a Nod to his Baseball Roots

As the New York Yankees and their free agent shortstop Derek Jeter arm wrestle over Jeter’s next contract, no one in baseball seriously thinks there is a chance that Jeter will shed his pin stripes and grab the next flight out of JFK. After 16 years as a Yankee, seven trips to the World Series, 11 All Star […]


Giants Sign Aubrey Huff to Multi-Year Deal

As first reported by Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports, the San Francisco Giants have signed Aubrey Huff to a two year deal worth $22 million. The team also has a club option in 2013. Huff drove the Giants offensively in 2010, batting .290 with 26 home runs and a .385 on base percentage. He led the team […]

Giants’ Buster Posey Wins 2010 NL Rookie of the Year Award

San Francisco Giants rookie catcher Buster Posey has won the 2010 National League Rookie of the Year Award from Major League Baseball. Posey becomes the first San Francisco Giant player to win the Rookie of the Year since pitcher John “The Count” Montefusco took the award in 1975. Besides catching what is perhaps the best […]

ESPN’S Howard Bryant Calls Baseball’s Biggest Shot

Major League Baseball has inspired so much of American culture that at some point it became one of the essential foundations of the culture. All other professional sports together have not come close to inspiring the sheer volume of literature, analysis and historical examination that baseball has– from it’s inception in 18th century America to this morning’s online sports news sites. […]


Off Season Challenges Abound for the World Champion Giants: Part 2 – the Bullpen

For some MLB fans, the importance of a Major League bullpen sometimes gets lost in the excitement of more sexy discussions: the top five hitters available in the free agent market, constructing the best possible line-up, trying to predict the final 2011 standings, whether or not to switch from the $12.00 imported beer to the $9.00 domestic in the 5th inning. Somewhere way down on the […]


San Francisco Hosts Massive Rally to Honor World Series Champs

It was an event at which the Governor of California made reference to an S&M acquaintance of Giants’ closer Brian Wilson, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom offered a quote from Grateful Dead icon Jerry Garcia to best describe the 2010 World Series champion Giants. This amidst a surreal combination of the wildest Mardi Gras and a dozen New Years […]


Giants’ Victory Parade Will Follow Historic 1958 Route

On Wednesday November 3, 2010 the city of San Francisco will host a victory parade for their World Series champion San Francisco Giants. The parade will follow the historic route taken by Giant players and coaches to celebrate their move to San Francisco from New York City in 1958. In the pantheon of Giants history, there is an iconic photo […]


The San Francisco Giants have won the 2010 World Series, taking four games to one from the American League Champion Texas Rangers. Giants starter Tim Lincecum beat Rangers’ star starter Cliff Lee by a score of 3-1 in a second face-off between the two aces during this intense World Series. Lincecum went 8 innings, giving up […]

The San Francico Giants: a Floating Piece of Caution Amid an Ocean of Good Vibes

First, let me disclaim all of what I am about to say here. The San Francisco Giants have played the 2010 post season like one of those massively powerful circular tunnel digging machines, with twenty-five diamond drill bits, relentlessly cutting through the toughest rock, making a path where no one said they could go. And Manager Bruce Bochy has […]

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Giants Shut Down Hard Hitting Rangers in World Series Game 4

The San Francisco Giants multi-tasked nicely in World Series Game 4: they put on an all-world defensive clinic, became only the second team in 2010 to shut out the Texas Rangers at home, and introduced yet another young phenom pitcher to the baseball world. They also won Game 4 by a score of 4-0, taking a dominating 3-1 […]