Giants: October Low Expectations Could Extend to 2017

Anyone who has carefully deconstructed and analyzed the San Francisco Giants’ performance over the past four seasons has seen the decline of a franchise that should be a top, championship organization. Instead what we have now is a team and a franchise that is simply dull and uninteresting. This in an era when Major League […]

A Blown Save of the SF Giants Bullpen

How does an MLB franchise turn one of its foundational strengths into one of its biggest weakness? Simple. Just look at what the San Francisco Giants have done with their bullpen over the last year and a half. Since 2015, when their celebrated bullpen began going through a transitional period and was beginning to deteriorate, […]


NL West: And Just Like That… It’s Gone

The San Francisco Giants broke camp last March with high hopes. For the first time since 2002 ownership had opened their gold plated checkbook and taken a serious dive into the free agent market. The whopping $251 million spent by the front office last off season on three free agent acquisitions was supposed to solidify […]

Break Time: Giants At Play In The Land of Fifty Wins

Of course the All Star break is not the halfway point of the MLB season. It’s more like the 55% point of the season. Which makes belonging to the 50 Wins at the Break Club a nice place to be. Eight teams qualified for that club in 2016 but it’s interesting to also see the […]


SF Giants: The Numbers and the Rest of the Way

What we constantly hear in the baseball media-sphere throughout the first half of every MLB season: “It’s just too early to say anything.” What we constantly hear from the All Star break to mid-September: “Hey, there’s still a lot of baseball left to play.” At the risk of saying anything that might prove later to […]

Take a Second Look: Brandon Belt is Already a top MLB First Baseman

It has become a Spring Training ritual over the past four years for San Francisco Giants fans and much of the local sports media to, at some point, make what I call The Brandon Belt Declaration. It has many variations and is usually accompanied by a frustrated tone of voice and impatient hand gestures. The […]

In the Matter of the Hunter Pence Injury

Recently an ESPN baseball reporter said there had been an “unexpected rash” of baseball injuries around the game at the end of May. He was referring to the Mets losing first baseman Lucas Duda (lower back stress fracture) and third baseman David Wright (herniated disk, neck). Followed by Kansas City Royals third bagger Mike Moustakas […]


Are The Giants For Real? Who is and Who Isn’t in 2016

A recent “MLB Now” show on the MLB Network took a close look at the 2016 Philadelphia Phillies, a young team that isn’t supposed to be doing what they’re doing. Specifically, they’re winning a lot of baseball games. In a season that was pre-planned to be a major reconstruction project, complete with orange cones and […]

What’s Bumping Electric Around the Majors? Just Follow the Numbers

Even casual fans are aware that Major League Baseball’s storied history has seen a number of institution-defining, legendary eras. Incredible championship runs by wildly talented teams, historic changes to the structure and rules of the game, periods of challenging social and labor equality. But now, right now, Major League Baseball is going through one of […]


Giants Spent Big on Pitching But Hitters are Leading the Way

There was much excitement over the winter when, for the first time in over a decade, the San Francisco Giants spent serious money in the free agent market. (I have always set my “serious money” alarm clock to go off at $220 million.) Specifically the addition of Johnny Cueto for six years at $130 million […]

SF Giants: Trying to Find a Substitute for Baseball

Being a thoughtful and analytical San Francisco Giants fan is not a welcoming avocation. It’s kind of like being that guy out in the desert in a 1950s sci-fi movie who is the first one to see the giant 40 foot ants. The first act of those movies is all about the authorities trying to […]

NL West teams

Early Dispatches from the War in the NL West

During Spring Training last March it became clear that the 2016 National League West race would be a tough grudge match between a group of geared-up franchises on the hunt to win right now. How clear? “Crystal”. The San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks together spent north of $626 million on free agents and player […]

SF Giants Bloggers Play Some Pepper

You can’t stop St. Louis Cardinals’ blogger Daniel Shoptaw. You can only hope to out-write him. Every March a group of SF Giants bloggers are invited to participate in Daniel’s Spring Training feature, “Playing Pepper”. It’s the blogalistic crucible Daniel puts every MLB team through– at the hands of that team’s own bloggers. All this […]


SF Giants 2016: Infield and Pitching a Strength, Lack of Depth a Difference-Maker

For San Francisco Giants fans the recent off-season has been gratifying. Ownership finally tapped into its enormous financial reservoirs and streams and actually spent real money for the first time in almost 15 years. The $251 million paid for free agent pitchers Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and outfielder Denard Span brings new life to what […]