The Giants 2013 MLB Slapdown Tour Continues

The funniest thing I heard recently was a comment about the San Francisco Giants made by a caller on a local sports talk radio show. The question was, what to do with a 52-66 team with the 6th worst run differential in baseball (-71), 16.5 games out of first place in the NL West?

The caller emphatically stated that "You can't just blow up this team, the Giants only need some tweaking… ". I was driving at the time and when I heard that comment I immediately spun my steering wheel, flew off a rather high overpass, and somehow landed in an empty parking spot at the local Target store.

Later, over the delicious mixed meat hotdog the federal government still allows Target to serve at their fast food counter, I thought about that sports talk phone call.

The caller was right in one regard: this team has already self-destructed, so additional "blowing up" is unnecessary and would simply be a waste of good explosives. No one said it better than John Candy in his classic "Farm Film Report" on Second City TV.

The Giants? Well they blowed up real good.

At the team's current win-loss rate, the San Francisco Giants will finish the 2013 season at 71-91. Amazingly, even if you reversed those numbers they don't win the NL West– the LA Dodgers are on a pace to finish 94-68.

So what's coming up? Twenty-four games over the last month and a half of the season will be with the Dodgers (7), D-backs (7), Pirates (4), Red Sox (3), and Yankees (3). Which indicates it might be time to renew those lapsed prescription drugs and see how the Indoor Canadian Football League is shaping up.

The Giants could do themselves and their fans a favor and use the time remaining in the 2013 season to give their legitimate prospects some quality playing time at the big league level. And let's be clear. I'm not talking about long time minor leaguers in their late 20s like Brett Pill or veteran players like Tony Abreu and Kensuke Tanaka.

I'm talking about Triple A Fresno prospects like RHP Heath Hembree, OF Francisco Peguero, 3B Chris Dominguez, SS Ehire Adrianza, RHP Brett Bochy, and OF Gary Brown. From AA Richmond let's also see 2B Joe Panik, C Andrew Susac, LF Jarrett Parker, and LHP Edwin Escobar.

Let's not sit back and wait for the September call-ups. Time to look ahead, see what's in the cupboard, and get some of these fresh faces into the 2013 mix right now.

Richard Dyer

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