New Dodgers Handled By the Same Old Giants

The newly purchased Los Angeles Dodgers started the 2013 season by rolling up to their home stadium in a fleet of high end BMWs, Lamborghinis, and Porsches.

Three games later the San Francisco Giants had those vehicles tagged, towed and impounded in the 2013 National League West cellar. And while it's not likely the Dodgers will continue to lose two of every three games, San Francisco sent a clear message about real high end value: having truly great starting and bullpen pitching is priceless.

In game one of the three game set San Francisco quietly took their latest loss at the hands of Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw 4-0. Kershaw has something in common with SF Giants' Principal Partner Charles Johnson– they both own a big piece of the Giants.

San Francisco will be getting regularly scheduled visits from Kershaw throughout the next decade, and they will be extremely annoying.

Luckily these games tend to come in threes, and the Giants took the next two games 3-0 and 5-3.

Of special note in game two was Madison Bumgarner's eight inning, no runs, no walks masterpiece against the Dodgers' newly purchased South Korean starter Hyun-Jin Ryu. Bumgarner also hit a run scoring single and Giants closer Sergio Romo earned his first save of the season.

The final game against LA was a series of all out battles. It was Tim Lincecum battling the Dodgers, Lincecum versus his catcher Hector Sanchez, and Lincecum trying to wrestle down his wild fastball. It wasn't pretty but fans certainly got their money's worth:

Tim Lincecum pitched 5 innings, threw 91 pitches, walked 7, struck out 4, did not give up an earned run, and knocked in one of the Giants' five runs.

When the dust settled, third baseman Pablo Sandoval had a two run homer off of recently purchased Dodger starter Josh Beckett in the 3rd inning and Hunter Pence added a solo shot in the 6th. Angel Pagan followed the script for the evening by scoring a run and knocking in an RBI without getting a hit.

Particularly sweet in this first meeting of the season were the performances of LA's two big sluggers: center fielder Matt Kemp went 0-10 in the series, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez went 1-9.

But don't be fooled– this will be a challenging season for the San Francisco Giants.

Many smart baseball writers picked the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the National League West title. Monster teams like the Washington Nationals, the Cincinnati Reds and the Atlanta Braves are out there waiting for their turn to tame the 2012 World Champions and grab the 2013 National League pennant.

But they should be careful where they park their fancy cars on game days.

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