The Giants Cove is ON THE AIR!

There are any number of very good MLB online shows and podcasts, but few match the combination of knowledge and passion Dave Mitchell brings to his Baseball Bloggers of America Baseball Talk show on

The Giants Cove has previously been a guest on Dave’s excellent show, and we just made a second appearance on Thursday July 11, 2012.

Check out Dave’s commentary and our interview at: BBA Baseball Talk Show featuring Dave Mitchell. The shows are re-streamed at

Dave was interested in an SF Giants blogger’s perspective on the All Star game and the amazing push San Francisco has made the past month to take over first place in the NL West. Dave is a scrappy, outspoken commentator but he knows his stuff– both as a broadcaster and a knowledgeable MLB analyst. Check Dave out.
I should also mention that I’m currently juggling offers from MLBTV, ESPN, and COMCAST to indirectly be part of their excellent baseball broadcasts.

Apparently the MLBTV on-air crew needs their office water dispensers changed out several times a week, and I have been advised there is an application process for that position. ESPN has thus far not responded to my queries, but I found their logo in a magazine ad and it’s now taped to my Atari PC.

For some reason COMCAST keeps sending me an application for cable TV installer, so I have to straighten that little miscommunication out.

In the meantime, catch me on BBA Baseball Talk with Dave Mitchell– real baseball talk with real people.

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