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Check out the latest two TPN Sports Buzz interviews with Richard Dyer of The Giants Cove. According to a survey taken yesterday of likely voters in a trailer park near Whitefish, Montana, “Dyer is an incredible guest who is not afraid to share his enormous wealth of great baseball knowledge.” Then gunfire broke out.

baseball-media2On Friday July 22, 2011 I went live at 7:30AM PST with Sports Buzz host Tyler Pyburn who expertly guided me through a discussion of the Jeff Keppinger trade, the Giants’ chronic lack of run production, and potential trades at the 7/31 deadline. The Skype video gremlins were being unruly, but the Sports Buzz production crew once again made it all good. 
Amazingly, Sports Buzz picked up my option for another interview on Tuesday August 2, 2011. I said hello to host Butch Stearns live from the TPN studios in Boston, Massachusetts at 7:15AM Pacific time. We talked about the Carlos Beltran signing, Orlando Cabrera and the classic debate about excellent defense vs. improved offense, then finished up with a great discussion about the dynamic of “big market” teams who make the decision to trade a top minor league prospect.   

Butch Stearns and Tyler Pyburn not only know their sports broadcast stuff, they generate enough energy to power over 22,000 homes in the greater Northeastern corridor. Kudos to the Sports Buzz production team and a thank you to Skype for finally providing a semi-acceptable video feed. 

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