The San Francisco Giants on a Wild Ride to the Playoffs

posey-buster-cardIn a media interview shortly after the Giants’ 1-0 win against the Cubs on Tuesday, to start a three game set in Chicago, twenty-three year old rookie catcher Buster Posey corrected the post-game television reporter on a critical point. When asked about the importance of winning the first game of a series, Posey looked at the reporter and said that, with less than two weeks to go in the season, it’s about winning each game each day. There is no series, no game two or game three; every game is now game one.

Just when you think Buster Posey has provided ample examples of how focused and mature he has been since he played his first 2010 game on May 29th, the kid puts another one on the table. Posey had just finished catching a two-hit shut-out by Matt Cain and three relievers, throwing out a base stealer at second, and hitting the game winning home run.

From now until the final game of the season (against San Diego on Sunday October 3, 2010) every game, every inning, and each at bat is an unfolding series of huge moments that will ultimately lead to the playoffs and greater stories, or to unspeakable bitter disappointment.

Giants pre-game/post-game radio broadcaster Marty Lurie put it best last weekend when he described the Giants’ final two weeks as a “Fifteen game World Series”. And that’s what this amazing game can give us that nothing else possibly can; real, live drama that depends on personal and team performance at the highest levels. And, right now, it’s all in front of us.

The numbers can run chills up your spine. Eleven games to go; San Francisco in first by a half game over the Padres; Colorado’s momentum stumbling the last two games, but they’re still 6-4 over the last ten and only 2½ out; and the Atlanta Braves (86-66) remain one game ahead of the Giants (85-66) in the win column should the NL Wild Card become a critical factor. And scoreboard watching, once something we pretended was unimportant, now becomes as mandatory as filing tax returns and having milk with chocolate chip cookies.

From this point on, a wild ride will be the daily commute for all San Francisco Giants fans.
The last eleven games: 2 at Chicago Cubs, 3 at Colorado, 3 at home with Arizona, 3 at home with San Diego to finish the season.

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