The 2010 Annual Giants Cove Top 20 Pitchers List

This is the Giants Cove Annual Top Twenty Pitchers List for 2010. If you have either the Comcast Extra Innings TV package, the MLB Live package, or if any of these guys happen to be starting a game in a ballpark near you, grab a look and enjoy a clinic on how to pitch in the big leagues. And if you are in a fantasy or draft league, and any of these players are available (in this order) when your turn comes up during any round, immediately grab him.

Notes: this is a list of pitchers only, the Giants Cove Annual Top Twenty Players List for 2010 is published below. And as many of you know, following a tradition first begun nearly sixty years ago, all Giants Cove top twenty lists consist of 21 players.

              1.  Tim Lincecum SFG
              2.  Roy Halladay PHI
timlincecum              3.  CC Sabathia NYY
              4.  Felix Hernandez SEA
              5.  Zack Greinke KC
              6.  John Lester BOS
              7.  Adam Wainwright STL
              8.  Justin Verlander DET
              9.  Dan Haren ARZ
            10. Cliff Lee SEA
            11. Chris Carpenter STL
            12. Josh Johnson FLA
            13. Johan Santana NYM
            14. Josh Beckett BOS
            15. Ubaldo Jimenez COL
            16. Javier Vasquez NYY
            17. Matt Cain SFG
            18. Tommy Hanson ATL
            19. Yovani Gallardo MIL
            20. Wandy Rodriguez HOU
            21. Cole Hammels PHI

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